Integrated Treatment Center Last Night

Isaac Mintz in a restaurantOne of the staff found out about The Album Project and suggested I attend a program featuring two adults with autism, Sean Baron and Barbara Protopapa.  Largely this kind of a program is a thing of the past since my son, at 36, is doing fine.  Unlike parents of younger individuals, he has a home, a job and is generally doing well.

Both Sean and Barbara are older than Isaac and are fairly articulate. They have the affective language that Isaac completely lacks. They do have some of the odd mannerisms and the stories of their childhoods reflect pretty classic autism. So what happened to cause them to gain the skills that other like them lack? Best I could tell they grew out of it. That is not to say that years of parental and professional intervention was irrelevant. But, these two individuals, much like Temple Grandin, had something connect in their development that others exposed to many of the same support did not. I am certain that many of my friends in the professional community would dispute it. But the evidence was not there last night.



New Web Site

Welcome to the new site.

When we originally put the site together in the spring of 2008, I had no idea how much my work would change. The old site (and we have saved most of those images) was appropriate for the work I had been doing. Truth be told, I still like doing that stuff.  You never lose your love for the interesting image.

You will find that the new site allows for more descriptions of each project. While the words are no substitute for what you see, the context is important. It also allows you to see more of the whole installations, moving the shades up and down in Every Place and zooming in on the sidepieces there and the all-important written statements in Precious Objects.

I also plan to do more blogging both about my work and about interesting things related to it. While no expert on Autism, for example, I am an expert on my son. So, you will hear about that and other things important to my work.

Please visit the new gallery and project pages.  They are there for you.

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