Booths and Fences

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This work is part an ongoing project about the structures we make to separate “us” from “them”. It began by looking at people in and around booths and expanded to larger spaces enclosed by fences. In either case, these are dividers between the insiders and the rest of us. Like cages in a zoo, it is not always clear whether are keeping the “animals” in or the “people” out. Often, they are no more than vending machines that are “mechanized” by the people inside. They offer protection and separation. They are confining. Sometimes the boundaries are physical, and some of the time they are only symbolic. They raise questions about what these spaces say and how they say it. Frequently my photography looks at the contrast between what we believe we are and reality. The people in my images - whatever we might think - are personally incidental. Someone else can replace them and the story remains the same.

These photographs were done with a 4x5 field camera with film subsequently scanned, adjusted and printed.