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I returned home from the opening of Audio/Visual at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn to find a package from David Brommer. David had done a Kickstarter project, Battlefield Cant which I had supported and here were my goodies. In David's words -

'The heroic deeds of the landings at Normandy are well known and have been recently popularized in pop culture by movies such as “Saving Private Ryan” and the HBO series “Band of Brothers” (my personal heroes are Easy Company of the 101st aka the Band of Brothers). While these movies tell the grand story of WW2 very well I have a keen interest in what remains of these sacred locations, both in images and words. In April of 2011 I began the project “Battlefield Cant” and visited the Normandy D-Day landing beaches and battlefields photographing with my trusty, yet heavy, Deardorff 8x10 view camera. Being deeply affected by reading the accounts and visualizing the battlefields, I was motivated to start a collection of quotations from American veterans who fought in these locations.

The battlefields are the forge, and the words are the fire that together form the framework for Battlefield Cant, simply put,

“Battlefield Cant” consists of photographs from the European battlefields of WW2 and prose from the soldiers who fought there.'

In thinking about some of my current work, the idea of respect has become a theme.  In fact, in the Precious Objects portraits, being respectful for me has replaced being photographic as important. I do not intend them to be great portraits but I do want them to be respectful.

When I opened the package from David, "respect" is what I saw. While neither he nor I would describe ourselves as shy, tied to convention or even always easy to be around, the work is the work. Very glad to have this print.  You can see David's work at http://davidgeorgebrommer.tumblr.com/