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Thomas Kinkade and Me

Well, sort of.  The Ohio Historical Society is beginning a multi-year program on the fifties and as part of that is bringing a Lustron Home into their building and assembling into an exhibit. Lustrons were steel homes manufactured in Columbus between 1947 and 1950. They were made of steel and assembled on site. When doing research for my foreclosure project, Every Place - I have ever lived, I was struck by how many of the homes, including my childhood home (the second piece in the series), were built in the optimism following the first and second world wars. It was dificult to resist getting involved with the Historical Society's Lustron work.  The Lustron Home was invented to serve the young families in the post-war housing boom. The concept on this project is to photograph the current residents in these homes built 60+ years ago and get their stories both as they recount them to me and in a statement that they write.  This project is still in a formative stage.  In some cases, the need to balance the person's privacy can interfere with how the story is told.  As a start, we worked in the Cleveland area and took the opportunity to do some of these around Kansas City when I travelled to the opening of PhotoSpiva in Joplin, MO.

Richard, the fellow in front of his Lustron, was a delight.  He is a retired boilermaker from the Santa Fe Railroad which stirred up my longstanding love of railroads. Not to mention the opportunity that I was a boilermaker of sort, Purdue 1969.  In addition of being an interesting guy, he generously insisted I have the Thomas Kinkade plate he is holding in the image. I'll bet you were wondering when I would get to Kinkade.  Fear not. You should note that the squares in the siding are steel coated in a baked enamel which give Lustron Homes their characteristic look. Here in Cleveland, many of the Lustrons have been covered with siding since the weather is tough on steel, no matter how well treated. That was not true in the milder climate of Kansas City where the Lustrons seemed to look more like they did sixty years ago.


"Every Place" at the Ohio Historical Society

While we are late getting the word out, I am very excited about this. They have a difficult building with concrete walls. To install this, they built a frame of 2x4's which completely go along with the spirit of the project. There is an opening reception from 1-3 PM on Saturday November 19. I will be there and would love to see folks. There will be a short gallery talk. While you can see the exhibit here at www.every-place.com , it is more fun to come on down and lift a shade.

I have other work coming to an end in the next week. "Theater" at 1point618 Gallery will be coming down. The group show at Trinity Cathedral ends on 11/20 as does "Where in the World" at the Minneapolis Photo Center.