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A little scare reading today's Cleveland Plain Dealer

Those of us old enough to still enjoy the morning paper do not always find it enjoyable. Partly due to the ongoing decline of the thing and partly due to the nature of a newspaper, three pieces of bad news for every piece of good. So it was this morning when I came upon an article  about the Sight Center being forced to close their snack stands. Sight Center Article This follows yesterday's article about the state considering commercializing the rest stops on non-interstate highways. The core of the highway debate is about large national concessioniares replacing local off-highway truck stops, restaurants and other travelers' delights.  Overlooked is the fact that the current vending concession is run by the visually impaired and the facility maintenance is done by folks with developmental disabilities.  So, once again, people with differences are the invisible losers in the game.
But, the Sight Center also had a more personal concern. When we did the opening for The Album Project at 1point618Gallery in 2009, there was a mob of people. In addition to the art folks and the normal family and friends, we had people from the autism community and from Isaac's job. As I was walking around meeting people, I ran into Marty and his wife. Marty runs the snack shop in the County Courthouse. At the time, Isaac (The Album Project is about him for those that are new to my work) worked at the Law Library Association which is housed at the Courthouse.  Isaac's afternoon snack is very, very important.  He would go down every day and buy a can of diet pop and some chocolate thing.  Isaac and Marty were buddies.
I do the usual, thank Marty and his wife for coming,etc. He turns in the direction of the gallery, spreads his arms and says, "This is wonderful."
Marty is blind.
Turns out that the Courthouse is not one of the Sight Center sites that are closing.
I am crying...

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